Taking care of your pelvic health can have a tremendous impact on your overall health–physically and mentally.  We’ve prepared this page so that you can be comfortable and confident in your decision to take care down there.

APPOINTMENT assessment forms

If you are looking to book an appointment, or already have one booked, please print and fill out the appropriate assessment form(s) below and bring the form(s) in with you for your first appointment. We want to make sure we get the best use of our time together.

*If you are experiencing pelvic pain and incontinence, please fill out both forms and bring them in with you on your first appointment



The physical exam is meant to provide us with the best assessment and associated course of action. This includes a postural assessment, general range of motion assessment, psychosocial assessment and a light-touch internal vaginal and rectal exam to assess tone, strength and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.

The internal exams are not mandatory but recommended to assess the pelvic floor muscles properly.

Just like any physiotherapist, we deal with pain, stiffness and weakness around the pelvic area. At Linq Physiotherapy we have a focus on your pelvic muscles to help treat things like incontinence, pain during sex and prolapse. Put simply, we take care of what’s down there.

Sessions range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The initial assessment is 1 hour and the follow-ups are typically 45 minutes-1 hour. All clients are sent home with an exercise program and are encouraged to continue exercises on their own time to achieve the best results. 

The initial 1-hour consult is $120 and should we identify areas of concern that require further appointments, follow-ups are $95.

This changes from person to person, but many conditions can be addressed after a single session and some instruction on how to perform exercises and make the necessary lifestyle changes. For more complex conditions multiple sessions and follow-ups may be required.

They shouldn’t be! The process can be uncomfortable for some individuals, especially for those who have pelvic pain. However, it’s important to communicate pain to you therapist, so that the necessary adjustments can be made to make it more comfortable.

No, but they may be covered by private health insurance. Please check with your insurance provider prior to your appointment if you are unsure.

Yes—some conditions can be complex and might require input from a family doctor, sex therapists, gynecologists and other specialists. We will always put you in touch with the right professional to meet your health needs, but discuss this with you beforehand.


If you would like some help to feel confident and comfortable then just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you soon! If you’re ready to book an appointment, you can fill out an assessment and bring this in with you on your initial appointment so we can get the best out of our time.


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